This is exciting stuff. See how many sites you can cram in during a day. I used to laugh at that terrible affliction called 'museum head' after too much input.

I dropped a few lines on Wallace's sword in your old post, in case you hadn't already seen it.
Yes, thank you. Even in the worst case, it seems to be a lot older than I would have previously guessed.

Thank you.
If you miss it, or would prefer a quieter time, I can take two guests in on my membership.

I want to do the sites in Orkney sometime.
I'll try to treat this as some sort of deadline. I may actually get round to it that way. If I don't . . . thank you very much, I'll be in touch.
Great opportunity. I did exactly that one year and it wasn't as busy as I expected. Also got to some of the castles in the outskirts of Edinburgh which was nice. I was dragged around most of these as I was growing up, but it is nice to actually *choose* to go to them. njoy. Remember the 1 o'clock gun.
I should get up early. I should perhaps help at a Beltane busking thing later in the day, and then of course there's a tower block being dynamited too.
Sounds a far more interesting weekend in waiting than mine :)

You'll see the tower fall on TV, over and over again.