Yuri's night.

Some years ago I went to a gig at the Barfly on Chalk Farm Road. It might have been Ballboy, or it might have been Miranda Sex Garden. I didn't go there often. It was April the 12th, though, the anniversary of Second Lieutenant Major (later Colonel) Yuri Gagarin being blasted out of the atmosphere into orbit, the first human to leave this planet [1]. Yuri's Night. There was a club downstairs celebrating the fact, with pictures of and quotations by Gagarin on the walls.

"Circling the Earth in the orbital spaceship I marvelled at the beauty of our planet. People of the world! Let us safeguard and enhance this beauty - not destroy it!"

I wanted Tom to be there. He would have appreciated it more than I did, although I was very taken with it.

There was actually some other reason I decided to make an entry now, but I find myself distracted.

I have no vodka in the house. This turns out to be a severe oversight.

[1] Or, if certain fringe theories are to be believed, the first to leave and return successfully.
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And it's my Birthday!!
Re: And it's my Birthday!!
Yay! Happy Birthday?

Did that box ever arrive?
Re: And it's my Birthday!!
Errr . . . bugger. I sent it about three or four weeks ago.

Oh, shit. Oh shit oh shit. I can't replace some of that.

Re: And it's my Birthday!!
Having said that, delivery time by surface mail is up to eight weeks!

I don't remember that being mentioned at the post office.

So maybe it'll arrive ater all. I hope so.
no biggie...
Bigger boxes take longer than the envelopes I send you. I'll start to worry in May or June.
Re: no biggie...
Fair enough. I in turn will sit here and cross my fingers.