According to the Scotsman, they're taking out (with extreme prejudice) a tower block not too far from here at the weekend. Now, can I be bothered going over for a gander . . . ?
It's good fun, I recommend watching, especially if you can get a decent high viewpoint. I watched the explosive demolition of a tower block near my sister's flat (she lives in a 4-floor building) from her balcony, and it was impressive.
That's only mild prejudice. Extreme prejudice would take out a 10 mile radius around it too.
Given my sister lives in deepest Hackney, taking out the block with extreme prejudice might have improved London a fair bit. Though giving her a bit of warning would be nice.
Dude, if I wasn't already booked for this weekend, I'd be tempted to go all the way up there to see it.