I saw that and meant to link to it myself. Have you read Touching from a Distance yet? Is it good?
I have, and it is good. Very good. It's incredibly - and sometimes brutally - honest. If I was in that situation I think there'd be a lot of stuff I wouldn't talk about that she has just put straight in. She'd obviously have known Ian C better than anyone, and she talks about his problems and flaws as well as his talent and drive. I liked it a lot. I have a stronger and very different sense of what sort of person he was.

A shame this didn't come up a couple of weeks ago, as I could have brought my copy down. I could try to remember to bring it to Whitby if you'd like a loan?
It's ok, I saw it stupidly cheap somewhere recently, when I remember where I shall buy my own copy! Thanks though. :)
You're welcome. It does seem to be immensely available at the moment. Perhaps there should be a campaign to get folk to read it before the film comes out.
No problem. As Fiona said, it's all over the place for next to nothing.