Weekend. Gigantor alert.

I got back into Edinburgh on Friday at about half-six, IIRC, after a pleasane drive involving a black-painted Hawk practicing aerobatics over RAF Leeming. vyvyan and razornet had already arrived and were on the couch, but kindly claimed to only have been there for a short time rather than the 2 hours I expected. Dario's first, then dropping in on Cloisters to see if any of Grim's family were there (they weren't) so we went over to the Hoose.

On Saturday they were going to a family event, so after seeing them off I went to a Ritual Performance Workshop, which sounds much more dubious than it actually was. This was a Beltanoid thing, of course, and I think it justified the time quite well. After food and a rest, I joined the returned houseguests in Cloisters for a couple of pints with brothers after which we went to Ascension, which was also quite fun. We stayed up chatting after, so it was really quite a late night.

Sunday was theoretically going to involve Calton Hill and a walkthrough or two, but after a City Caff breakfast it was almost over by the time we got there. Afterwars, another pint or two in Cloisters (notice a theme developing?) with one of G's borthers and then Neon. This also was quite fun, especially as some poor fool (I have my suspicions) requested Cop. And got it. There were a fair few interesting requests, actually, and interesting stuff generally - it wasn't me, for example, that put I Am The Fly on (although I wish it had been).

So after a long day and being out until three, I'm in work and a little frazzled. G and M are probably getting up around now and will be gone by the time I get home. Good to see them, though (thanks for being excellent guests). More of you should consider visiting, you know.

Also, some of you may wish to note that Gigantor is on this Saturday coming.

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> Gigantor is on this Saturday coming.

... and we have a babysitter, so, barring family crises, we should be there. :-)
We're back in Cambridge now - hope you found your keys on the bedside table OK! Thank you so much for putting us up and putting up with us :-) You were a fantastic host, and we had a great time.
Good - I'm glad you had a good time (and I hope you had a good trip back too). I got the keys, yes - cheers.

See you both again soon, I hope.