Clearchannel buys Glastonbury

Or, to be more precise, they and an Irish company have jointly agreed to take over Mean Fiddler, which in turn owns 39% of the Glastonbury festival.


Details here on the Beeb's site.

Stuff about my week Down South will follow at some point. A fine time was had, many people and things were seen. It was very good to see some of you, and hopefully I'll see some more fairly soon.
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In further news, it has been announced that Glastonbury will have a twenty-song playlist. Anyone wishing a song added should speak to our independent promoter and have $400k handy.
Well, goes with fuckwits selling their tickets. Glastonbury is not becoming more attractive to me.
so vince poper has sold out? I give for kentish town forum 2 months :) and bartok...
I don't even listen to the radio anymore, based on what has happened to the Milwaukee market once Clear Channel moved in. Disturbing.
Re: :-(
Happily, BBC radio exists.

Einstuerzende Neubauten were saying a bit back that they probably won't be able to afford to tour the US again - too many of the venues were Clearchannel-controlled and were trying to make it impossible for them to cover their costs. They wanted a huge cut of everything.