Cambridge. Or not, as the case may be.

Does anyone actually want to go out for a drink, some food, or anything else, in Cambridge this weekend? Some people have suggested things, but mostly not involving Cambridge necessarily. Currently I'm probably only looking at spending Saturday in town, and even then only until late afternoon before heading somewhere else.

Having said that, does anyone know if the Galloway and Porter book warehouse is having a sale this weekend?
hehehe - Apathy was one of the reasons I was happy to leave Cambridge! Town is just full of shoppers and Italian language children (aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh)
However, I still like The Live, I'm sure Beery Spice will still be proping up the bar :)

Have a good trip.


Does everyone know the Live? It came up somewhere else a couple of days ago.
I'd like to, but I didn't say so in case it took you away from people that you know better.
Well, there's the Eagle at one, or I'll be around until five or six, then slipping away . . . but maybe only for a few hours. I could be back later if there'd be anyone to talk to. I don't know if people I know go anywhere in particular, though.
I'm in the wrong city until Sunday night, sorry :(
But they are having a sale! It's on a subject which is not Physics. (I didn't remember what it was, sorry.)
I'll be around. A pint in town would be good. How about the Eagle? 1pm?
I'm afraid I've got a very good friend staying, and a dinner date booked in London on Sunday, so probably not, though I assure you it's nothing personal. If you state a location on Saturday we may attend.
No problem. You aren't the only one who's busy - I'll just have to make further efforts to catch up with you all when you're not. It looks like the Eagle at one is on.
It would be great to see you this weekend (as well as the following one, obviously!). If you're going to the Eagle at 1 on Saturday, I could come (and probably G as well, though he might be working - he's currently ill and asleep so I can't check).
Sounds good. I can manage other times too if that's a difficult one.
Eagle at one sounds good to me. That's the Eagle in the town centre, right, not the Spread Eagle which-is-now-something-else?
We'll be traipsing through a muddy field to protest against the Cambrige Wind Farm at lunchtime, so saving our pint 'til later.

There's always the Trauma Pet gig / party from 11pm.
saving our pint 'til later

Fair enough.

There's always the Trauma Pet gig / party

What are they like? And is anyone I know and want to catch up with going?
I have reminded G that we are doing something else early Sunday evening, but other times should be fine!
Bene't Street. Directly riverwards from the Kambar by about a hundred yards.

Roughly above the N of Bene't St on this map.
Attempted to email my phone number for Sunday arrangements on your LJ address, as I have no other. Did it work?
I didn't reply earlier as I thought I'd be in London during the day tomorrow but it turns out I'm not, so I shall attempt to make the Eagle at 1.