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That Raveonettes gig reviewed. Compare and contrast.

When I was a young man, a very long time ago now, I thought that the Jesus and Marychain were being influenced by a very very old band when people said that they sounded like the first Velvet Underground album. But between VU & Nico and Psychocandy was only seventeen years, and it's been twenty years between the release of Psychocandy and now.

It's still one of the best records I have, though.
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Personally I don't own a zimmer frame or a grave plot. I should get a move on with arranging them, really.
Thank you.

I think it came to me a couple of years ago as I was on Causewayside. There's a timber merchant there. It's a redbrick building which for a long time had "THE VELVET UNDERERGROUND" sprayed on it, which as you can imagine held a certain amusement value. I always think of that when I go past, even though it was cleaned off years ago. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I saw VU referred to outside a music mag.
Wow, I guess you're right but, sheesh. Guess I won't fit into my Unknown Pleasures T-shirt anymore.
I used to vaguely know someone who had that knitted into a jumper. A lawyer, last I heard, although for a while he was on the City Council.
Funnily enough I bought a copy of Psychocandy on CD the other week -- can't remember if I mentioned it on LJ or not. When I first heard it (around '87, a couple of years after release) it amazed me and I really thought that it was as muddy and distorted as music could be and still be music. Now, you know, it just sounds kind of normal -- I mean still good but it doesn't amaze me like it did.
Nothing stays cutting-edge forever. After a few years things sound a lot more normal, particularly if they were at all influential.
Oh... absolutely, they sound "normal" because they spawned many imitators (many of which I love -- I really like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album which could have been a direction JAMC took) but I still miss listening to it and going "woah".

I pray there is never a day I can listen to Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" and think it sounds normal.
I listened to it for a half minute off emusic but it didn't load "Jet Set Willy" am I doing something wrong?
It only works if you put it on a cassette. Unless the speed varies randomly nothing'll happen.
Though having said that, the first time I heard "The Velvet Underground and Nico" I was just in love with it from about the third broken note on "Sunday Morning" and, while they're hugely influential, not much sounds very much like that album even today and I must have heard it a good 20 years after its release.
Some records are just like that, though. Nobody's really duplicated Psychocandy, although many have been influenced by it, and the same goes for Unknown Pleasures and Cop (the second Swans album).
(Grin) Some sounds are just so characteristic I guess (I only have the Swans best of thingy so I've never heard Cop).
And a terrible confession
While I understand the genius that is Psychocandy, Darklands has always been my favourite Mary Chain album.
Re: And a terrible confession
That's OK. I'll just make a reservation for you at the re-education camp resort.
Don't you start as well. I've spent the last two years trying to ween Pyro off JaMC. As far as I'm concerned, they're like Status Quo - all three chords. But then, admittedly, I don't listen to the lyrics....