Weekend coming and next week : exploring the Deep South

My current plans are to drive down to Cambridge on Friday and be there until (probably) Monday morning (kind benefactors permitting) when I'll go to London for a few days, coming back up here on Friday the 8th. There are two four non-negotiables - Neubauten are playing on Tuesday and Dead Can Dance on Thursday, one (as-yet unfixed) lunchtime is taken, and I have to pick some stuff up on Saturday afternoon. Apart from that, what's the best way to see as many of you as possible?

You're all lovely lovely people and it breaks my heart that I can't visit you individually, each and every one, but I have limited time to slip out of town so I'm afraid I have to compromise. If I don't end up offending you all horribly I might even try to pop down again sometime soon (in the hope of continuing to not offend you, of course, rather than to make good the previous omission).
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You should stay in London on Friday the 8th too, and go to BMovie. :-)
All other things being equal, I would. Definitely. Unfortunately other things aren't: I have people staying that weekend and I'd like to be here and actually see them a little. Weekends tend to have other things happening just at the moment, anyway, and I should try to be around and not miss any more than I can avoid.
You're coming to my house on Saturday late afternoon (how about 17:00 ?) to get some SCSI hardware. Or I may say rude words about you and take it to the tip...
(directions to Chez _nicolai_ under separate cover)
Indeed I am, yes - many thanks. 5pm will be just fine. More than fine. The perfect time for it, indeed.
Bugger. I'll be very busy when you're in London, so I may have to pass.
. . . and the chance of another trip in the next few months increases.

A shame, but I'll manage something at some point.
If you're pubbing in Cambridge on Saturday, I may venture over for a couple of hours. Keep me posted on the details.

If it makes your planning easier we can always fix the lunchtime and take our chances on the Place Below menu.
Thank you. I won't be, but I should get you one anyway.

Will you be around enough to keep the cat's food and water topped up, or should I make other arrangements?
I shall also be darn sarf, doing the family thing in Dartford this weekend. Depending on 'stuff' I can try to intersect with you in Cambridge on Sunday afternoon/evening - if I know where you'll be...
Or I can try to be where you'll be. If there's anywhere people tend to go, it would make sense for me to toddle along rather than try to drag people elsewhere. But is there somewhere that the Cambridge mob go to of a Sunday? Da Prot used to be not unpopular, but that may have changed.
Hmm. The Hibachi Dealers (ie. a band with me in it) are playing in Bishops Stortford on Friday, so if you're really feeling energetic you could try making it down there for the gig - more details here. Failing that I don't think there's much in my diary this weekend, call a pubmeet and I'll happily wander along :)

Oh and if you're short of crash space shout, Ross and me can probably put you up for a night.
Apart from that, what's the best way to see as many of you as possible?

The 6 o'clock News?
Errr . . . this is your way of telling me that you've been up to something quite staggeringly iniquitous, is it?
Still welcome to fire thingy - last entry for us is 1930 then it kicks off at 8pm and lasts about 20 minutes. Review in the local rag said it was going to be very loud as he likes to deal with the whle audio as well as visual aspect of fire and explosion. Just like a Neubauten gig then ; )

We can drop you back in CBG afterwards too if you like - but probably won't stay much beyond *yawn* - although our local does a very nice pint of Abbott....