And while I'm here, "Zotz is :"

Zotz is the name of a metal act from Xalapa, Mexico [urk]

Zotz is a small international group of cavers living in Guadalajara.

Zotz is the Mayan word for bat [bloody goth]

Zotz is quite a windy road, with dense foilage and lively spider monkeys

Zotz is the Haab date

Zotz is: 011 52 5 202-1544 #

Zotz is the Aquatics Director and a lecturer in the Physical Education department [of Brandeis University, in fact]

Zotz is based on a real Mayan bat deity of the same name [Absolutely true]

ZOTZ! is a capture card

Zotz is pol because she knows lotz of tricks [only once I've had the op]

Zotz is the god of the darkness, ruler of the undeworld.Now he is weaken because he lost many of his followers in the upworld.He wants to destroy the sun [Damn. Rumbled. I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't you you darn kids]

Zotz is working to save the bear. [And many other things]

Zotz is an energetic field biologist who works in the Forest of Uco [About one-third true]

Zotz) is not responsible for any damages [My friends will confirm that I never accept responsibility for anything]

the month of Zotz is one of preparation

Lotz of Zotz is a long time favorite hard sour candy with Fizz inside.

Zotz is also working on a 1:6 kit of Lucy holding a small baby. Van Helsing looked great

Zotz is a Mayan tutelary God

Zotz is a lamer [Unfortunately this is probably the most accurate]

Zotz is all powerful [I wish]

Zotz is, he looks up and sees the sky green, some stains of blue in the thick

Zotz is gonna love this!'

ZOTZ is like a really dark Disney film [I may .sig this one]

zotz is wide-whitewall tires and chrome wire wheels

Zotz is a beige self

Zotz is an Extension Specialist

Zotz is a graduate of the MFA programme

zotz is no exception

ZOTZ is your source to buy or sell used restaurant equipment and fixtures.

"Zotz!" - is frustrated by bureaucracy in his attempts to help the USA win WWII

zotz is Win95 machine

Music : 6music. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Perfect Skin. "Cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin, and she's sexually enlightened by Cosmopolitan
"Shame on you, got no sense of grace, shame on me, oh, just in case I might come to a conclusion other than that which is absolutely necessary..."

God, I love that song. Thank you for reminding me.

I must try this 6music lark one of these days.