My creature . . . it lives!

Well, I rebooted the machine last night with the new shiny replacement hard drive in it, and a new kernel, and it worked. I shouldn't be surprised given that it basically does every time, but I only reset the thing every few months so I don't really get the chance to get used to it. Western Digital have this funky scheme where you tell them how to charge you when you get the RMA off them, and then they send the replacement immediately and only charge you for a new drive if you don't send back the one you say you're sending. Saves a few days of waiting. I definitely approve.

There's an odd letter in the paper today cursing Michael Howard for forcing the authors to vote for that git Blair in spite of everything he's done, signed by two Yorkshire types called Waterson and Carthy. I notice the current poll implies that Howard's scaremongering is doing his party no good whatsoever, which I certainly hope is the case. There's negative campaigning all over the shop, but negative comes in degrees and personally I think that's way too much.

There's also an interesting point about the alleged granting of permission for caravan sites by councils because of the Human Rights Act - a planning consultant who works in the field says he thinks that there's been exactly one such case. A bit thin as a basis for a moral panic, IMO. They also imply slightly that the council was probably mistaken in believing that the law demanded that of them, but without details it'd be hard to say.

And, of course, it should also be remembered that the shortage of legal sites results in large measure from the 1994 decision to release councils from the obligation to provide them, implemented by a Home Secretary name of M Howard. Small world, isn't it?

Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, the council have apparently just noticed a close off the Royal Mile that they own. According to the newspaper coverage it hasn't been much used for the last century and a half, but it can probably be done up and used for something productive. I must have a look around the house and see if I can find anything similarly useful.

The ongoing attempt to heal people whose heads have fallen off continues. The sad case of Terri Schiavo moves towards a conclusion also, with a federal judge, ruling under the weekend's emergency legislation intended to have her feeding resumed, refusing to order any such thing. An appeal is apparently likely.

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Waterson:Carthy - political letter??!! It must be folk tradition in action.
I remember the important Hard Cash CD. Got me singing that did.
It's a long and honorable tradition. Have you come across Coope boyes and Simpson? They've done at least one record with the Waterson-Carthy mob. Three a capella blokes from Derbyshire. Very good. Very funny between songs, soo.
Oh yes indeed. I went all the way to the Sidmouth festival in 1995 on my own to see them. And the pub was too crowded/I was too culturally shy, to get in!!! So I left after 4 days and headed up to Cropredy to meet up with all my pals and have a fantastic weekend. Gosh they all look so young in that photo now!

C,B&S have a lovely track called "Aotearoa", and I occasionally sing some of their English trad stuff. Lester is a sweetie, and has performed for us here in NZ.

Other related things are the John Tams Band and Blue Murder of course...
That sort of RMA arrangement is standard with corporate accounts. I can see why they'd do it that way for a home warranty repair as well - it saves lots of fucking around.
It's not standard for microscopy kit, I can tell you that. Much appreciated in this case, though.
I did rather wonder if Howard had overplayed his hand at the weekend. It seems that the British public aren't that impressed at a man saying he's not racist whilst standing in front of a burning cross.

I did note someone from the Travellers community on the radio point out that they had to use the Human Rights Act to redress the general unfairness and bias against them in the planning regulations. Whatever the fact of this are, it's hardly acceptable to go away with a generally beneficial legislation on the basis of one or two alleged abuses (just as a few repeat offenders is no reason to abolish the parole system, a mad and badly thought out notion f ever there was one).

I did also note a lack of ideas from Howard about where the Travellers should actually go. Perhaps he thinks that nice Mr Hitler had the right idea.
I really suspect they're against the HRA on Urosceptic grounds (even though it's nothing to do with the EU).

Someone that Howard's comments "had the whiff of the gas chamber about them." I can't find the source now, though.
I suspect it's the Canadian in me, but anyone who is against *human rights" fills me with extreme dread.

Then again I'm an immigrant and they don't want me here anyway.