EN & last night.

Neubauten are taking votes from supporters on which songs they should play on their upcoming tour. No button for "The laughing gnome", unfortunately.

Last night ended up being the Beltane fundraiser with Steve. There was beer and music (drums!) and a very odd and slightly silly Ritual just after midnight. This featured a hedgehog but no badgers, which is clearly wrong. Steve was telling everyone about my good news from earlier, and eventually managed to find someone who was impressed (and who was lamenting the lack of cellphones suitable for foxes, which would make his research much easier).
I was quite pleasantly by surprised by one or two of the things they were considering though - Kalte Sterne and Sand? I never thought I'd hear those live!
If we all vote for abfackeln, do you think they'll set fire to the stage for us?
I may well do the same.

I foresee an orgy of EN-listening in my immediate future.
Sand live is one of my specific clear memories from seeing them live for the first time in 1986. Mostly my memories of that show so long ago are of the experience in general, with a clear moment standing out here and there, and Sand is one of those.