I Rule - part 9 (and Writers' Bloc)

The chromosome X paper's out today. I notice that once again they've spelt my name wrong, but I think I can probably live with that. I think there's at least one more coming - chromosome 1 hasn't had a descriptive paper yet - but I'm not sure if there's anything past that.

Writers' Bloc was excellent last night, although I was rather tired. Jane did read her story, which she hadn't been sure was going to happen, and very good it was too. I didn't see the end coming at all, even though it was really signposted from the first sentence. They were all very good, actually. None of them dragged for me. Gav went round leaving poly bags on tables in the middle, which of course meant that he was going to reread the story about them ("From an unexpected direction", I think it's called). Fine stuff, and all (I think) on tape for their eventual CD . . . hopefully.

But yes. Nature. 9 now. That's made my week. Or maybe my month.
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poly bags

In recent weeks, several people have laughed at me for using that term and said "do you mean a carrier bag?" or "is that like a plastic bag?" - so it's nice to know it isn't entirely limited to my family.
Very common up here. Unless I'm imagining things, which I suppose is entirely possible.
Yeah, I had begun to conclude that it was a Northern thing, so North obviously goes all the way up in this case.

And congratulations on ruling, by the way.
that term == "poly bag" (ie the term I quoted :)

I'd regarded it as a perfectly normal phrase until people brought me up sharp by demanding to know what it meant.
When I first moved to England, I had to ask someone what a carrier bag was. She said "the plastic bags you get from the supermarket. What do they call them where you come from?"

Er - the plastic bags you get from the supermarket. Or just plastic bags for short. I guess we never required a term for them.
It's so common that we never think about it; but what else is a bag, other than a thing for carrying things, or "carrier"?
Congrats BTW, and I was struck by just how many in that army of names were psuedo muso's... SwarbrEck, Tabor, Nelson, GibbS, Gill, Parker... ;)
Thanks. I don't know any of them, I'm afraid. My best friend there was Dave Lloyd, though, who should not be confused with the owner of a chain of gyms.
And not to be confused with the one I've just finished an IM chat with! bizarre! are they breeding rapidly or something??

he definitely doesn't own a chain of gyms.