Bong . . . foxes take over chicken-coop . . . Bong . . .

Maybe that's too gloomy an assessment. I hope so. But anyway : as rumoured, Paul Wolfowitz is to head the World Bank. I have a horrible feeling I'm soon going to hate the World Bank as much as I used to.

I met someone who worked for the World Bank once. I was even polite to her.

I wonder if this will lead to Wolfowitz and Irn Broon having a fistfight in the corridors of the WB's headquarters? I'd rather like to watch that.

The BBC's tax calculator reckons I'm 2p a week better off as a result of the Budget. In about three years I'll buy myself a pint to celebrate.

I've met a couple of people who work for the World Bank who are sane, reasonable people regarding all sorts of monetary policy issues. I think they work in the cafeteria.
On the other hand, he's not in the Pentagon any more. That has to be a good thing.

The woman I met seemed very nice, but I carefully didn't get into an argument. I nodded and smiled and had (yet) another drink.
On the other hand, he's not in the Pentagon any more. That has to be a good thing.

I still suffer from feelings of this being too little, too late, but maybe that's because I'm well tired of reading that kids I taught to swim are being buried with full military honors.

That said, I'm intrigued by some of the questions which remain open about why Wolfowitz for the World Bank (or Bolton at the UN)? Qui bono? Might we have here a situation where nobody at all benefits (the troops are still in Iraq, making live better for no one, and Wolfie is at the World Bank, marginalized in an institution he and his cohorts think is nearly as bad as the Trilateral Commission), done simply for spite's sake?


Do companies hire bicycle messengers in Edinburgh? Think a refugee from an increasingly insane country could make a go of such work?
Interesting article. Thanks.

I'm sure there must be cycle couriers in Edinburgh, but I don't work on that side of town.
I'm 10p per week worse off. On the other hand, the new job means that I'm about £700 per month better off, woohoo.
God that's depressing; and seeing Mr Straw's brown-nosing approbation doesn't cheer me up either.

On the other hand, that tax thing made me go and get a pay slip where I find I earn more than I thought. Actually, I find that slightly worrying, for some reason.