It seems that the last Writers' Bloc evening was not taped. The tape that came back in the machine is blank. Hopefully this doesn't mean that the machine is broken, but that it was hooked up wrong. Still, we'll see tomorrow.
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No, they're downstairs at the Canon's Gait, on the Canongate. Or they have been, mostly, so far. Tomorrow's certainly is.
There may have been. Not any that I've been to, but then I was out of town for a fair while.
Do you think a test before hand might be a good idea?

I am going to the opera first and will be arriving late, so have a vested interest in getting a good tape of this one :)
Well, I can't fix the machine between now and then if it's broken, so what would be the point? I'm going to hope that it's just the fact that it wasn't me recording stuff last time.
I guess so, but maybe some other recording device could be sourced if you knew it was probalamatic.

Mind you tonight is a bit short notice.

Wow can't belive it is wednesday already.

...but you can check whether the machine *is* working, eliminating one possibility. assuming it is, then you can do further checks when you connect it to their PA, to make sure it's recording ok.

so there.


The machine's playing tapes fine, so there's no reason to suppose that it's anything that's happened since the recording. And as there's nothing else I can personally do, might as well (as you say) test it when I get there.