Joolz is on the Orange longlist.

She's been nominated for her third novel, Billie Morgan.

The Grauniad has an article here which is really about the longlist generally but concentrates more on her than any other author, and also has the prologue here. Her own website is, of course, at

Also, Brookmyre's new one, "All fun and games until somebody loses an eye", is out in about three weeks. Mary Doria Russell's new one, "A Thread of Grace" is out now.

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I'm still trying to work out why there is/needs to be a woman's only writing list. I guess sexism is rife in book compeitions/awards?

Good to see her there, might even make me take a squiz at one of her books...
I guess sexism is rife in book compeitions/awards?

Well, somebody must think so. I must chase her stuff up. I've been meaning to for quite a while, because she's always been fantastic when I've seen her reading.
I followed the link and realize now that I think I read an article by Joolz in Ms. Magazine back in the 80's, called "Why I look the Way I Do"'s not in her bibliography though, but the Joolz who wrote the piece was a young, recent ex-biker-chick. This was way before I ever heard of NMA.

Yay, new Brookmyre.

Not so yay, new MDR...I think The Sparrow said it all really. Oh well. Sue me.

Re: Wohoa...
Well, the new MDR is entirely different, as far as I can tell. It's set in Italy during WWII - there may be some different things to be said.