First, an apparently complete rundown on all those FAC numbers, all the way from Saville's original poster through to a documentary about the Hacienda/film set, taking in a waterwheel blade, Rob Gretton's dental work, a lawsuit with Martin Hannet, a bet on chart positions, a cat, and lots of records, at

Secondly, that Bad Seeds 3-disk B-sides compilation, complete with full track listing, here. "This is my favourite Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album", a certain Mr Cave apparently declares.

Finally, for the few of you who are interested and don't already know, What Michael Sheehy Did Next. It's called Saint Silas Intercession, and Mick Mercer's take on their record is here. There's supposed to be more about them at, but it hasn't been answering my calls so far.
Cheers for the heads up on that and the Foetus album. I shall certainly have to get the Bad Seeds one, but I'll wait to hear what you think of the new Foetus.
Sure. I'll let you know when I've heard it. The Bad Seeds comp is truly mighty in extent. I'm not sure, but it might possibly even overtake that Banshees box.
Wow. The Bad Seeds compilation looks fantastic. I didn't even know that was coming out.