Are you people all asleep? There's a new Foetus EP out and nobody's mentioned it to me. And an album in May. And a single live performance in April, should you be fortunate enough to be in Austria at the time.
Exactly! I pre-ordered mine from Music Non Stop days ago....

Very lax of you, Mr Clark : P
I've got a copy of the album, should you wish to, erm, 'digitally borrow' it.

It's classic Foetus :)

Love to. On that recommendation I'll certainly be buying a copy anyway, but May's ages off. Cheers.
Speaking purely as myself, I am asleep, yes.

I wasn't enormously struck on the last album though.
I'm betting CJ is queuing for it already.

I'm siding with Rattler on this one in that I didn't think the last one was all that. Might still buy it though.
True, but not the point. A new Foetus album should always be inquired about and assessed. And I've just had a recommendation from someone who's heard it, too.
wow! think i'll be picking up the new album then as the recent stuff has been excellent. unfortunately, our travel plans include australia only in about two or three years time!
Meep. May is looking good.

Foetus, Queen Adreena and Nine Inch Nails all releasing new albums., plus Queen Adreena playing. Yip yip yip.

I am getting quite excited :)