A split 7", featuring Penis Legend and World of Phlegm. This is of course the followup to FPONG 1, "I can't believe it's not Buddha" by Biggleswade Aquadrome.

Yes, I did have silly drunken conversations with Sandy last night, as you ask.
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You're kidding! I've completely forgotten about them ;) -Sandy

(actually, another Sandy)
Indeed. This Sandy will doubtless soon turn up moaning "my head, my head."
Just out of interest, where did you get the "Biggleswade Aquadrome" from? I grew up in a town called Biggleswade.
It was swisstone's fault. I don't remember the exact cause, but it was another fairly drunken conversation. I think he'd been mixing up Biggleswade with somewhere vaguely similar-sounding near where he lived that had an aquadrome. Biggleswade, meanwhile, was near where I lived and didn't.

Oddly, there is an aquadrome not too far off, in Billing, but I think that might be a complete coincidence.
At the time, Cambridge. I used to drive past the Biggleswade signs on the roads west fairly regularly.