Back at work

I've been off for a couple of days with a cold, but I'm back now and the filter wheel's still working after more than a week. While I was at home the US unilaterally withdrew from another international treaty and the Peerage seem to have woken up for a while. I'm glad they have, like, but if they'd made a habit of this sort of thing for the last couple of decades instead of vaguely complaining then reluctantly waving everything through, then maybe we wouldn't have quite the need to abolish them.

Everyone's away to somewhere called Asilomar, so I have the place to myself to clean the microscopes to my hearts content free from interruption. So that's exactly what I've been doing.

Those of you who are local to this neck of the woods should note that there's a Writers' Bloc reading on Wednesday at the Canon's Gait on the Royal Mile. I think it starts at Eight, downstairs, and has the usual sort of punnish name - specifically, The da Vinci Cod. I heard a rumour about one of the authors and a particular story which may get a re-airing, so I for one am certainly planning to attend. With the usual box of tricks for immortalisation porpoises, of course.

Further to last week's pointer to the Guardian article "Anyone seen the Entire Population of China?", Dave Orford (erstwhile drummer with The Entire Population of China) has written in. Apparently the name came from a comment about the number of potential band members they had.
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Are you going to record the reading in an audio form? I want a consolation second hand hearing for not being able to attend the actual thingummy.
Well, don't tell everyone, but I've got recordings of some or all of the last several readings.
Excellent! I managed to get the written form of them but its just not the same : (

How much are you charging on the blackmarket then?
It hasn't been particularly widely publicised. Any exposure you can give it would probably be appreciated.
Well, the brutally short answer is probably "Because Andrew's too busy to be organising this one."
Is that the old Roxburgh Place Halls? Old church hall used by the University for years for exams? Well, I haven't been in it for well over a decade, but it's a lot bigger than the Canon's Gait, for a start. Good acoustics, too, but probably a lot colder in winter. Quite pitcherskew.
There are (or were) a couple at the door, IIRC, and stairs up to a balcony, but not apart from that. The front may have been ramped since then for all I know - I'll try to slope past and see if there's any evidence of accessibility changes.
I'll wander past at some point and see if I can scope it out in person.
Possibly I can let you have hearing of some, yes. They aren't really my recordings to do with as I will.
This time, or in general? If you follow the da Vinci Cod link and then go to Comrades you'll see a few mugshots of writers some of whom will be reading (but I don't know which ones except that Gav Inglis has been mentioned as likely). As for who turns up . . . well, various friends of mine are usually in the crowd, but I don't really know who you know.
Roxburgh halls - as a exam room they were freezing and it's hard to write erudite papers when your fingers get frostbite. However last time I went it was during the Festival and it was a) warmer(although this was August which might have had something to do with it)b)was set up like an auditorium with stage and staggered seats and all. c) had a bar downstairs which isn't particulary accessible although the building does have entrance ramps etc to qualify it for full accessibility.