Firss glass diggud do Dottinghab.

Today I will mostly be having a slight cold. This means that I'm annoying people by sneezing a lot and gradually working my way through a bogroll. No chance of a day off work unless I actually start to feel ill, though.

In other news, the filter wheel is still working. Following a cunning tip-off, it's even working under full software control, co-ordinated with the monochromator and various other bits of microscope automation. This means that (with respect to one instrument, at least) we're where we wanted to be last summer. Go us. We rock, clearly.
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Excellent news about the wheel.

How lang has that been now - nearly a full week.
Still bored?

A bit. There are various things to be doing, but m ost of them have to be done when the 'scopes are idle.

Sorry to miss you on friday. We should try again some time soon.

Yes. When are you free?
Oh, I wish. They don't let me in the lab. I get to sit in a cupboard.

Actually, that isn't true. I have a choice of cupboards.