Do not pass Go.

I've finished the book about the streets on the Monopoly board. It went down very easily - if all books were that much fun, I could probably read one every year. I liked the mention of the strange protein/lust man that Nicky mentions occasionally too. And many other things. Far too many to mention.

I was passed on the way home by a Bentley at a road junction. It was a strange silvery car with oddly fused lines, and as it went past the image flashed across my mind of an equally silvery and fused (but rather slimier) egg being squeezed out the back of a queen bee. I'm absolutely sure this wasn't the reaction the designers were pursuing, but then I'm equally sure that I'm not their target market.

I think my living room looks better with the check sofa moved.
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I love posts like that :) The wonderfully bizarre side of the brain.
I could probably have done without the thought, though. I only mention it here because . . . well, a problem shared is a problem you can laugh at other people for having.
heheehe. I love the weird stuff my brain throws up sometimes. One of the few things that makes life interesting for me these days.
We're doing the launch for the new Bentley Spur next Thursday. I'll run that past them ;)

Excellent. Let me know what modifications they decide to make on the basis of this priceless advice.
Never having seen the sofa, you're remarkably poorly qualified to quibble.
Hmmmmm, yes, you're right there..

So it's a sofa upholstered in fabric with a check pattern, is it? Not a sofa with chequered fabric upholstery, is that what you're saying to me?
That is exactly correct, yes. And when you eventually see it yourself you will be bound to agree.
Sadly I've been refused permission to take it out of the country at this point, but I'm sure you'll see it for yourself eventually.