On the other hand . . .

. . . sometimes it's not so bad working here. Kirstin's hanging around the room today working on some data, and not only has she put up with my Only Ones and Test Department records, she's just produced some Violent Femmes.

In other news, the filter wheel is still working. I'm not sure we're going to have the software control of it that we were promised, though.

"I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record."
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That reminds me of something I'd always wished I'd asked at school, had I had the lateral thought..

"This is going on your permenant record!"

"Look, where exactly is this 'permenant record' of mine? I want to see it."
Did they say that at your school? I always assumed it was an Americanism.
Yea, the head of year said that to me several times at Netherhall. At the time it was like 'oh no, not my permenant record.. what am I going to tell my parents??' but now, looking back, I should have asked... I should so have asked to see the legendary 'permenant record'.

I can also assume that it wasn't superbly permenant, as none of my subsequent schools or jobs mentioned these misdemeanors(sp?) to me ever again. Maybe it was a 'permenantly recorded in my diary, now go back to your lesson' type of record.
... or the head was a Violent Femmes fan who'd just decided that it was a nicely threatening phrase, suitable for cowing recalcitrant shool kids :)
Violent Femmes...
Oh bugger...more to add to my list of 'music I really need, but had forgotten about'. Hey ho.