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According to a film mag left lying around Gy, the Chinese takeaway nearby, V for Vendetta hasn't been reset in Berlin, but in a Britain which lost WWII. Filming seems to be in Berlin, though. This is an improvement on what I'd heard. Terrence Malick seems to be working on another film, too.

And the Observer article today says which classic Dr Who villains appear in the opening episode of the new series. An interesting choice.

I've also finished, more or less, that shelf unit. My right hand and wrist ache, and I have to glue several cracked edge pieces before I attach them, but it's basically done. There seem to be a few places that sell actual Dragonsblood trees rather than just seeds. Tempting.
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Yeah, i've tried to avoid spoilers, but they could be kinda remaking a old story maybe, or taking some pointers from it. There are some paralells in the format chosen as well i guess, but i'm being as tangential as you to avoid spoiling it for anyone

As for V, you can see details of press release, but far more interesting, a Rich Jonhson's piece on the film
Thanks for them. Interesting. I had sort of written V for Vendetta off, but I think this puts it back into wait-and-see territory. The changes mentioned aren't positive, but if it turns out otherwise OK it'll be fine. I do like them refusing to try and explain it in ten seconds.
I'm so bored with the whole 'V for...' business in connection with WW2. V for Victory, V for Vendetta, V for Vengence... Jesus, I'm sure there's some other letter which could be pressed into service as standing for something morale-boosting. Always with the Vs...
Well yes, but the comic had nothing to do with WWII - it involved a homegrown fascist movement and was set in 1998. The WWII connection has only been put in in the film script.

Wasn't I going to lend you V for Vendetta?