Now my wrist hurts.

Overusing your right hand is a bad idea. Today I've been putting that shelving unit together, and in the absence of a rubber mallet I've been pushing the parts together by hand, and now my wrist hurts. Still, if it stays together once I'm finished it'll be well worth it.

What are Haw Flakes and why do I have packets of them in my front room?

Yesterday I went wandering around town with a list of things to do, and didn't manage to get any of them done. I wanted a couple of leads from Sound Control, but they've moved to the Grassmarket. I wanted some lily bulbs, but the only place within striking distance didn't have any white ones. They did have dragon trees, though, and I was seriously tempted. Finally I decided that I wasn't quite tempted enough by Dracaena marginata or D. fragrans - only D. draco will do. There are some places selling seeds online, so I must remember to indulge. They aren't even expensive, although I understand they're quite slow-growing. There were more things on my list, but they didn't happen either. The only one I managed was to get a bigger pot for one of the plants, which doesn't really count as terrific use of a day. It was a nice walk, though.

Chemo's birthday drink took over the evening. I only went along for one or two, but the conversation was too interesting and I never made it away to K Jackson's. Before that, on Friday, I went to the Hoose, where nearly_everyone was already sitting chatting. The rest turned up later. We went back to Emmental briefly afterwards.
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Haw flakes are Chinese sweets - they're basically flat disks of pressed hawthron berries with sugar, and come in stacks. I absolutely love them; some people think they taste a bit like petfood.

I have no idea why you have them.
I absolutely love them; some people think they taste a bit like petfood.

Do you like them because of this or in spite of it?
Have never head of Haw Flakes. Therefor I blame whoever's sitting on your right hand side right now.
I settled eventually on using a hammer with a small piece of wood to cushion and spread the blows.

There are few problems, in my experience, which can't be solved with a hammer.

I never had one as a student and so got used to using one of my heeled boots for convincing posters they wanted to be on my wall at the start of the year.
I've got a rubber mallet. And lots of other tools, so if you need something like that in the future give me a shout.