Once upon a time in the winter . . .

(As previously related to shaunotd)

Two people I work with - names supplied on request - went for a walk outside the Sanger a few years ago when the lake had frozen over, and noticed that a swan was frozen in the ice out near the middle. They wondered for a while what to do about it, and finally went up to reception to talk to Security in case they had any ideas. One of the security bods remembered that the ground keepers had a small boat, so got on the phone to them. After a few minutes two blokes turned up with a small dinghy, and they all went back down to the lake (still featuring a mournful-looking swan, of course). The groundsmen knocked a hole in the ice with the oars and put the boat in, then they boarded and hacked a channel out towards the middle. As they gradually got closer, the swan started to watch them quite closely, and as they got very close started to look quite perturbed. Finally, when they got to about six feet away, it stood up and walked off.

In other news, the filter wheel is still working.

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