Pub last night.

Eric gave a talk yesterday that is assessed, apparently, towards his PhD performance, so we went to the pub in the evening. I can't quite work out why people go the Pear Tree these days. It used to be a good place to go to see people, because a lot of people went there even though it was expensive. Now it's quiet, but still expensive. Comfortable, too, but nothing out of the ordinary. Having said that, CJ's friend Diana was there after some sort of practice on the Meadows. I therefore discussed Beltane with the workmates, and the importance of not living in Edinburgh without having been at least once. Nick and I obviously swapped "It's not what it used to be" stories, but nevertheless dared people to go along and try to say afterwards that they weren't impressed.

I'm amazed that a couple of them have been in Edinburgh for two or three years and not just haven't been, but haven't heard of it.

Eric amused himself by filling out "I saw you" cards for those sitting around him. I thought of deprecating this abuse of a fine public service, but actually most of the ads these days (going by the current List, which is the only set I've looked at in several years) seem to be for and by people who already know each other perfectly well. It was always an odd notion and I've no idea if it ever worked for anyone.

I've spent longer today working with people on the microscopes than I have in a long time. This is very good.

The filter wheel's still working.
Cards you fill in and send back to The List for them to print in the "I saw you" section. What you say, in theory, is where you saw the person whose details you didn't get, with enough detail that they'll know who they are and (ideally) who you are and why they want to be in touch with you.

For example "I saw you in the Pear Tree last night looking pained as your workmate filled out little cards in an ironic manner. You had a ponytail and woolly jumper. I had a woolly coat and said "baaa" a lot."

So if I were a lonely sheepshagger, I'd send a message back via the magazine.
Although it's not only (or even mostly) used by bestialists, AFAICT. If I'm wrong, then they're using a very cunning code.
Oooh... it's a sort of formal mechanism for stalking? Cool. I don't think we have anything like this in York!
I'd say it's more like a contact service for stalkers and stalkees. If you don't want to be stalked, you keep quiet, but if you want to give encouragement you drop enough hints that you'll be found. Or just pass over your phone number and bank details, if you don't have time for smalltalk.
Obviously you must call the York version that when you start it up this weekend.

Well, now that's sorted, you can get to work on the business plan.
'Or just pass over your phone number and bank details, if you don't have time for smalltalk.'

So, like speed stalking?
Absolutely. Not quite as committed as agreeing to meet a mugger on the same street corner every Friday, but certainly a step in that direction.
You don't NEED anything like that in York - It's cosy enough that you usually run into the same people the next week, and if not they're BOUND to know your friends' friends.
You don't think it'd make life more fun? Not for those taking part, obviously, but for their horrified friends.
I suppose there's always that - The scandal factor? The city could use some more gossip i suppose!
Well, it's *kind of* going back to what it used to be. It;s a lot more formal now that they've started ticketing it...
I've only ever heard of Beltane (as an event in Edinburgh, that is) here on LJ, but I assume it wasn't happening when I lived there. So: how long has it been going for? And what actually is it? Are NeoPagans really that prevalent there?

The Beltane Fire Society website's here. As they say somewhere, it was originally kicked off by (among others) Test Department in 1988, and hasn't any obvious predominance of pagans, neo or otherwise.
The year after I moved down here, then. Though I see that the website says it was "first organised in the mid 1980s"; which would imply that it was happening when I was there. Unless they're using a very extended set of values for "mid".
The 1988 date is from here. I'd guess I first heard about it a couple of years later, but I don't remember for sure. It might have been after that.