Last night

Neon was a bit quiet at the beginning, but a fair number of people stayed until the end. I was on 2-3, and started with In'n'out of grace - one person seemed very keen on it indeed and nobody else seemed to give a toss. Heathens. On the other hand, Excalibur could be seen dimly through the haze, which reminded me that I haven't watched it in way too long.

At some point over the weekend, someone - a pedestrian, and probably a nice, respectable middle-class student - kicked hell out of the driver's-side mirror while the car was parked just outside. Of course, I am aware that the majority of middle-class students don't make a habit of that, so I won't jump to any overgeneralised conclusions about students or about the middle classes.

I should also mentioning getting some more furniture on Saturday, from the very generous retrogoth and Marianne WUTBOLJBIAM. It's a pile of slats that assemble into a shelving unit, which I think I'll put where the TV is, with one of the couches in front of it and the TV by the press - so I won't have a couch splitting the room in two any more. Many thanks. It used to be anonymous_seth and gingiber's before that, so I should probably work out who I'll be passing it on to in due course.
I'd have danced, I love that song.

Sorry to hear about the car. Is it going to be expensive to repair? Bastards.
Well, I'd post you a copy, but I suspect you already have one. I was hoping to at least confuse the odd Primal Scream fan, but the punters are either too savvy or don't like young Bobby's music.

The mirror doesn't really warrant fixing - the plastic shroud's had its attachment to the stem snapped and is flapping about, and there are big cracks across the glass - but it's still usable. It's not worth fixing it for that level of damage, because they get hit by passing cars so regularly. That's accidental, though, which I can't see being true when it was on the pavement side. Unless someone's been driving down the pavement, of course, which I wouldn't necessarily put past them. Bunch of savages in this town.

I've got it on tape, but I don't think I actually own an original of that one. God, I can't remember. That's bad of me.

I'd forgotten about Primal Scream, I hated that song. It was so disappointing when it wasn't In and Out of Grace.

I'm glad the damage isn't too bad, that's still really annoying though.
Well, this compilation looks like good fun and good value. It even includes "You Stupid Asshole", a very underappreciated song I used to play at people (and have ignored) down in the Park Room.

It was so disappointing when it wasn't In and Out of Grace.

Yes. I've been waiting ten years to hear a Wild One sample and not have it be Loaded. Sometimes when you want a job done you just have to do it yourself.

I'm glad the damage isn't too bad

Oooh, I like the look of that. Onto the wishlist it goes.

I used to hear In and Out of Grace at the QMU when my friend was djing, it was only lesser discos that played Loaded.
The last time I did replace a door mirror it cost about a tenner from a scrapyard. They'll be rather more new, though, and I don't have a favoured local scrappie up here.

Sorry to hear about the wing mirror. Same thing happened down my street a wee while ago. Someone had walked up the street and broken every wing mirror that looked like it would be expensive to replace.

Glad to hear Neon was fun. I read your post/ advert today which was not a great deal of use :)

I will make it some time I am sure. I have now diaried it at least so there my be some chance.
A&M were saying on Saturday that there was a fire next door to them, and with the parked cars there wasn't room for the fire engine to get past.

This was not considered an obstacle, and the fire engine came up the road anyway, with (I imagine) much screaming of tortured metal and tortured owners. Oh to have been there with a video camera . . .
Indeed. I think the guy with the BMW was not a happy puppy.

Oh where were you out to on saturday?
I think the guy with the BMW was not a happy puppy.

Indeed. I hope he had good insurance. I'm not glad it happened, I'm just sorry that it did and I missed it.

Oh where were you out to on saturday?

Low. At the Queens Hall.
*fond memories of doing fire missions in GTA3, making full use of conservation of momentum to deal with obstacles*
Rant warning....

We caught a very pissed bloke knocking mirrors off each car as he loudly made his way along a street in Marchmont when I lived there. We were with it enough to get someone in a flat above to call the police while we engaged this bloke in "conversation" in order to keep him there long enough for the police to arrive. Thankfully they came quickly and took him away. But I guess that didn't help the innocent car owners who got needlessly attacked that night.

My car got broken into while I lived around there also. So did my then partners, but then it was German registered and he didn't respect parking regs, so he got all he deserved IMO!

Just another reason why I left the UK. I find it hard to respect a society where crap like that happens every night/week. It was the same where I lived in Cambridge. But that was mostly Anglia Poly students playing football in the narrow streets in the middle of the night. Such nice people. Nuke the fucking bastards I say. Their lack of consideration and respect in an urban area forefits any compassion I have for that form of so called humanity. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I hope someone fucks their cars up when they grow up. Bit too late by then unfortunately. So they achieved in making me hate most of humanity. Thankfully I'd already come to that conclusion via other means. Get me out of here sooner rather than later please.

I haven't felt the need for that rant in ages. NZ is good for me.