Oh, and while I'm here . . .

We've had another enquiry about taking The Calling on the road. To a different town, where I'm informed that nothing ever happens. By some measures, that makes it heaven, but I've never heard anyone who lives there call it that. We had a query along these lines a year or so ago, and we didn't.

Does this mean that a viable second career as a mobile disco DJ awaits me? I tremble with anticipation.

Music: MTV2. Something by fischerspooner. I'm starting to really hate fischerspooner.
That's it, really. I'm intrigued, but I don't know anything about the town or the venue, so I've no way of knowing whether it's plausible or totally insane. Perhaps we could discuss it at some point?
Absolutely. I suspect it might be one of two venues, but don't have a clue who might be behind it. I'm just not tuned in to the local alternative scene, TBH...