Names for bands part . . . part of far too many.

From the reading-the-paper-in-the-middle-of-the-night department, this article (titled "anyone seen The Entire Population Of China after the not-very-famous band) on . . . well, bands with odd names, which those of you who know me well will know is an ongoing interest of mine.

JG Thirwell, of course, gets a very honourable mention. "See also: Hello, I'm a Truck, Congratulations on Your Decision to Become a Pilot, The Entire Population of China, Anthrapology Will Remain Spelt Like This, Gee That's a Large Beetle I Wonder If It's Poisonous, the Well I'm Sure I Left It There Yesterday Band"

No mention, for some inexplicable reason, of When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water, Attempted Moustache, Accidental Goat Sodomy, REO Speeddealer, Brain Donor, or the International Werewolf Conspiracy.
The Entire Population of China

You know Al Jourgensen was once in a band with The Entire Population of China? Not a lot of people know that. Apart from the province that only did FLA side-projects, of course.
Mmm. Big Bad Al, of course, being another serial offender with multiple mentions there. I think he released stuff with eight different bands, or nine of he ever got round to recording as Buck Satan and his 666-shooters. Or maybe more, possibly, in the period since I stopped following him closely.
I'm surprised neither the Butthole Surfers nor Acid Christ made an appearance!

They must have been short of articles that day.
They must have been short of articles

Nonsense! There are few finer topics of public discourse.
REO Speeddealer

Thank you, that has just made me very happy.

UNfortunately they got sued by REO Speedwagon for "unfair competition" and had to drop the REO. A great shame. More or less the same happened to Jefferson Airhead.
The Do I Look Like I Give a Fucks is a superb name :-) I also love "The rage, we infer, is just common-or-garden rage, such as one might feel towards a toaster or a remote control" :)
A little unkind. I've frewuently been annoyed with household appliances, but I've never felt economically and politically oppressed by them. Not often, anyway.
Thank you. I was not aware of that. Clearly I don't loiter in seedy sex shops nearly enough.
I gave you the money. You *promised* you'd keep quiet about that.
A piece on band names was also part of Jello Biafra's standup routine around 1995. Australian bands scored particularly highly - Lubricated Goat, Smack of Jellyfish, Purple Vulture Shit ...