£250? Admittedly One Last Laugh In A Place of Dying's a fine album, but even so.

Ebay had copies recently for 37, 73 and 81. I should have got more copies when I found mine, obviously - there was a whole box of them going cheap. If only I'd known.

Actually, vinyl copies of the first album fetch an OK price too. I don't suppose anyone fancies making me an offer on my spare . . . ?

Nope, didn't think so.
That's what they're asking. Not necessarily what people will pay.

Someone in the US has uploaded their (very ordinary) book collection - £250 is about the minimum price for any of it - but as Amazon (unlike ebay) doesn't have listing fees, why not? Someone may be stupid enough to buy something.
The eBay prices - unlike the Amazon one - were what people actually did pay. I'm still somewhat surprised. So few people have even heard of them these days.