If you've got a moment, you could do worse than going to this page from the BBC news site and looking at the seventh picture (of nine). It made me laugh.
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I notice that the buddha seems to be from near you. Do you recognise it?
Feckin' typicle. They get more snow in Croydon than up here in sunny Edinburgh. :/
A path in Croydon? ;-)

I assume you mean the scary snowman that follows it?
Is this another thing you've done that nobody else has? "11: Followed along a path in Croydon by a scary snowman."

I think indeed you'd be the only one with that to your name.
He's picking his nose and playing with himself, though. He'd better hope that a Snowcop doesn't wander past.
He needs a can of Special Brew in his right hand, a crumpled fag drooping out of the other and then it would be perfect.
Ah, so you've had some snow then in the UK. I remember, back in my youth... ;)