6 things. I know it seems to have crept up to ten, but I'll maybe think of another four later.

Errr . . . so did you all notice that there were seven there rather than six and purposefully not tell me, or are you all as unobservant as I am?

So, with the duplicate 2 renumbered, the seven made up to ten and reordered chronologically, we have:

1. Shaken hands with the Prime Minister of Jamaica (previously the second No. 2)
2. Been in charge of a gate at the Glastonbury Festival (previously the first No. 2)
3. Seen the Bolshoi supporting Peter Murphy in a university lecture theatre. It started late because the Bolshoi got lost.
4. Dismembered a human corpse (previously No. 1)
5. Held the abdominal incision open while a surgeon worked on someone's innards. (previously No. 3)
6. In front of a room of paying customers, run Kylie Minogue's "I should be so lucky" straight into Extreme Noise Terror's "Carry on screaming" (previously No. 5)
7. Ruined Robert Plant's day (previously No. 4)
8. Assembled the DNA sequence of a virus and found that it was entirely unknown to science (previously No. 6)
9. Run a goth club despite never having been a goth.
10. Taught people to use a laser-scanning confocal microscope.
It was a long time ago. Actually, none of them were particularly recent.
Not sure. A lot of stuff I can't put because people on the friends-list wre there at the time and did it too. These tend to be the recent things, of course.
The last four are more recent. They're from the last six or seven years, while the first six run from the mid-seventies to the very late eighties.
4. Ruined Robert Plant's day.
You have to explain this one, because I say so.

1. Dismembered a human corpse
~grin~ I knew there was a reason I had a crush on you. :)

I make a point of never explaining number 4 on the record, but I'll happily explain it by some other means.
I'm pretty certain you explained it to me once, during one of our many bar-propping sessions at WUS in the Q Club...most amusing 8-)
I got bored a couple of months ago and had a dig around. I think I now know who the other party was.
It was during my time as a medical student, which did not end in graduation due to failing the Pathology exam once too often (i.e. twice). I did pass all the anatomy exams, though.
If it's any consolation, path is the weak point of most of the doctors I've worked with. At some conferences, they understood as little (or less, because I'm better at the maths) of the path & micro lectures as I did.

Living with a microbiologist, as I do, he thinks we're all thick because we have problems with pathology.
Bugs wasn't so hard. I had lost all enthusiasm for the course by then, though, so I wasn't doing the work.
Why do you say you need another four, when in fact you already have seven there? You've got two number 2s.
Just corrected. Presumably everyone before you thought it was funnier not to tell me.