Pub. More snow.

There have been several snow showers today, culminating in a long one which lasted the whole time I was in the pub with my brother (discussing railways, tunnels, politics & economics, and his work, mainly). We went to the IB, as it's handy, and sat in the window so we couldn't see the big TV with the footy on it. The place was very quiet, but four of the six other people kept breaking into tuneless versions of Mustang Sally. Still, sitting warm at a window with a glass of nut-brown ale watching some of the fattest heaviest snowflakes you've ever seen fall through the sodium light . . .

It's good to be alive.

On the way back, even at midnight the Links were alive with students making snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other.

Dance, boy, down the road . . .

When I got home from work dryad_wombat had dropped round. It was lovely to see her (must drop round) and talk about Edinburgh (gorgeousness of), Conan Doyle (nearby residence of), snow (inevitably) and stuff.

As I'm so pleased with the snow, I've put up a few pictures from a recent roll of film here. The snowy ones are from just outside the flat when it snowed about a month ago. The sunset's a day or two later, and the stair's from a visit to a park with Fiona last autumn. There were some with Fiona from then, and some of her, CJ and Simon from Leeds castle, but they all either had odd smirks on their faces or too much grain - I may need to change my film. Ah well. I shouldn't think you were still waiting agog to see them after this time anyway.

But that's roughly what Edinburgh will be looking like around the time you see these, anyway.
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I don't seem to be able to see your pics, the site appears to be down or? :(
they all either had odd smirks on their faces or too much grain

I didn't know the wrong quality of film could produce odd smirks :)

The wrong quality of movie can, for sure, but camera film..?
Depends what you do with it. No odd smirk on your face from it being mentioned, of course?
Oh. I always thought the lyric was Must Hang Sally. Made sense to me.
The gallery finally seems to be up.

The colours in all those photos are lovely, but especially the Barclays kirk one (I love the golden glow) and the staircase. Did none of the others you took on that walk come out as well? I thought you took a few around that garden.
They're back! Excellent!

Thank you.

I did, and there are two or three of you, but I think I caught you in the middle of saying something or at the wrong point during a smile, so they're a bit odd-looking.

I'll have another look at them all when I'm home, but I suspect you wouldn't thank me for making them publicly visible. In most cases, at least.
That happens a lot in photos of me, I seem to look very strange when frozen mid-speech. Thank you for not sharing. :)
If I end up scanning any more, I'll scan those too and mail them to you. You could make your own mind up then.
The first one, oddly, scanned quite purple compared to the print. I can't work out why. I wasn't sure at home that it wasn't just my monitor, but it looks quite lilac here too.
Looks pinky on my monitor here.

I love, on the staircase one, how the sky looks grey and cloudy but everything is lit up in golden sunshine. That was a funny weather day wasn't it? Showers and sudden sunshine, IIRC.
Yes. The print is a bit more gold and less pink.

the sky looks grey and cloudy but everything is lit up in golden sunshine.

Fantastic day. There should be more days with light like that. And I should have a camera on me more when they happen.

Actually, I should just remember to carry the Olympus around with me. That might do the trick.
Ah you've done it again. Brought back memories. The IB was our local during 1990-2 I think, a real locals pub :) Then, as students throwing snowballs on the links/meadows and making 'interesting' snowpeople. Thanks for the memories.