HST RIP / Letter to the editor, from yesterday's Observer (presumably ironic)

It seems that Hunter S Thompson has died. The story is all over a news outlet near you. A dramatic exit for a legendary talent.

And from yesterday's paper :

As a burglar, mugger and shoplifter, I would like to say 'thank you' to all those motorists calling for the abolition of fixed speed cameras (News, last week). Since the introduction of these stealth-tax boxes there has been an increase in the number of bobbies roaming the streets - making it increasingly difficult for me to earn a living. I've suffered year-on-year losses and am on medication for stress and anxiety.

Let's get our police officers back where they belong - strutting their stuff on Britain's highways, making our roads safer for all instead of targeting soft options like myself.
Nigel Lewin
I dunno, who say scrotes don't have a sense of humour 8-)

AND IT'S FUCKING HAPPENNED AGAIN!!!!!!! I go back to Blighty for the weekend, and no sooner am I back in Deutschland than HST runs out of typewriters to shoot! Bah! It's a fucking curse, I tell you...