The weekend.

I stayed in on Friday.

On Saturday I wandered down to the shops, picked up some photos and some records - a bit of a cowpunk week, this one, as on top of the Giant Sand concert and album, I got a rereleased Gun Club LP too, along with the rather good new Low album and the Bloc Party record. After a bite to eat I went over to the pub to see the usual suspects, who were basically all late. akicif arrived after being mugged by circumstance and forced to drink eight beers at the Pond before coming uptown to drink with us. He was doing a really good impression of a man who'd only had two or three, though. We were all pointedly impressed.

I buggered off to Vain just after midnight, and chatted to nik_strychnine, Gav and maleficent for some time and several other people for wee bits. Much fun. The music was dire when I got there, but picked up considerably.

Today I read the paper, listened to records, cleaned my keyboard with an old toothbrush and went to Ikea. It isn't as unpleasant going there as it used to be, which probably means that most of the detachable bits of my soul have been stolen already.

I was very good and didn't buy an Ayn Rand rug. It was very tempting, though, and I may succumb in future.

The Remote Part is very good. I'm looking forward to the new one. I'm tempted to go see them in Glasgow. The Barrowlands is a much better venue than the Usher Hall.
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I suggested the new Ikea after our walk in the park, but bluerose remembered his essay then :).

He really hates Ikea.

All right-thinking people do. They're a good source of bookcases, though.
I found the local ikea became far more bearable when i found all the secret shortcuts

I wasn't that impressed by the new album. Especially given the strength of the single, though it is the first track on the album which makes me wonder if they're doing that "We've gone back to our roots!", "What, you mean a debut album and thereby putting the best track on first?".

Perhaps it's a slow burner or something. I was kinda tempted to get tickets to see them, I guess I should make the effort given I like all their other stuff. Not been to the usher hall before.
You really like the new Low album? While I don't have it yet, the few songs I've heard seem rather 'rock star' for Low, kind of like the terrible 'Canada' off of Trust, which was an otherwise amazing piece of work. Your thoughts?
I rather liked it. I wouldn't go quite as far as really liked it. I prefer their more hushed stuff, but I did enjoy listening to this one.