That rather good Futureheads version of Hounds of Love?

Single. Out monday.

Hopefully it'll get overplayed and everybody (except me) will be very sick of it RSN.

I got an LP in the post this morning. This is quite impressive, as I ordered it through GEMM early on Thursday evening. Down on Town is therefore being played off vinyl rather than from an mp3.
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If you listen to Xfm you'll get to hear it at least twice an hour. I got sick of it a very long time ago. Which is a shame as it's a good tune, though I'm not a fan of covers in general.
Serves you right for listening to XFM?

That bloody cat's being a pest. Constantly wants her belly rubbed.

What's XFM like these days, anyway? Isnt it an arm of Capital these days?

As far as commercial radio stations go it's probably the least offensive. After work hours it gets more interesting and they're playing more fringe stuff which is nice.

As for the mog, hopefully we'll get her here this week, we're still waiting on the letting agent coming around and fixing a couple of things first. In typical style this is taking them some time but apparently we're to expect a call from the land lady this week.
No problem. Ap! sounds like she'll quite miss her, and she's only just moved in. I can't figure out why the sudden burst of affection, though.
Hopefully it'll get overplayed and everybody (except me) will be very sick of it RSN.

Oh, bother. You've edited this post to put the bit with the brackets in, haven't you? And here I was, all excited because I thought you didn't like it. ~sigh~

Oh, well. You're probably right - you usually are - and I don't listen to the radio, so I can probably just about avoid hearing it.

I've been overplaying it in my clubs for ages already :)

In a vaguely related vein, I was quite happy to finally get hold of a copy of the Maximo Park single (Apply Some Pressure) this week - I saw them supporting the Futureheads a while ago and have been trying to track it down for ages... though I have to say it's not as good as when they played it live.

And also in vaguely related vein, the success of the Futureheads cover seems to have sparked off a small rash of people asking for Kate Bush - generally a good thing, except that most of my Kate Bush is on vinyl and I can't play it in the clubs...
I played it at Neon a couple of months back. Nobody danced. Still, we have two Gigantors in a couple of months . . . .

Mmmf. I should play out more often, really.
The advance publicity concerning La Bush's new LP can't have hurt either.