Office chair?

Do any of you know somewhere in Edinburgh i could geta second-hand office chair?
A skip out the back of a government office?
I hadn't thought of that (d'oh). It probably won't come to that, but thanks for pointing it out.
well, there's our house. we do a fine range of slightly knackered but still adjustable office chair.

if you don't want this one, and want something newer / less cat-furry, then most of the SH furniture shops on leith walk occasionally get stuff in, or if you want something a bit more salubrious there's a place out at the gyle that does reconditioned / ex-lease office stuff. bit more pricey, though.

alternatively - ikea do some cheap ones, or i could look in costco next time i'm in.

Well, if there's one you're tired of, I'll see if it's what I'm after. Otherwise Leith Walk or the Gyle sound good.
New Street Market on Sundays often has a good selection for cheap - try the shop in the left hand corner as you go in - I got my very nice one there for £20.
We've got some that we really don't need, so you can have a free one if you like - what kind are you looking for?
Thank you. An office-type chair, really. Fairly generic would be fine.
I guess so. I seem to be sorted, probably. Thanks for the thought, though.