A week in the deep south. (barely started : backdated)

Right. I stayed out too late on the Thursday night (goddamn our almost-sensible opening hours) but managed to slip out of work a touch early to hit the road. Half a mile later, I stopped to fill up and check the tyre pressure, and then turned round and went south for a bit. At one in the morning I arrived. Nothing remarkable happened en route except that I got out for some fresh air just south of Sheffield. I let myself in to Fiona's place and after a quick wash the day ended.

Saturday was more interesting. After some last-minute getting ready, we trogged over to Greenwich park for Fiona's birthday picnic rematch. It was very fine, and a good load of people turned up. I didn't go on the historical walk, as I wanted to catch up with bootpunk - happily he was interested in meeting up (and available) over the couple of days after that too.

On Sunday we wa[six month break]ndered around London. I think this is when I got the shades that Fiona liked. It was very crowded on Oxford Street. We got ice creams and sat in a small park in a square on the Soho side. Happy times.

Monday we went to Islington and met CJ and Simon outside the centre thing. No sushi that I liked turned up before the others had finished, so we went to a pub and I had something less healthy.

Tuesday was Leeds Castle. Wednesday I guess I went off to Cropredy. I should have stayed.

Fiona's take on all of this is here.
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