Appeal Court judges have rejected the appeal against the hunt ban. The Countryside Alliance have said that many hunts will continue, but insurance companies have pointed out that they won't have any liability cover if they do.

It's gonna be interesting, but not necessarily as rough a ride as some are maintaining.
Something funny about that link, it's not quite showing up properly...

I look forward to hearing when they get refused the injunction too :-)
A REF rather then A HREF. Sorted now, hopefully. Cheers.

I wouldn't guess they'd get an injunction either. It would seem to be reaching a little.

It's annoying that things can be so dependent on getting insurance, but at least it applies across the board.
I sometimes wonder if it's actually the type of people who fox hunt that I have more of a problem with. I mean, if bunny rabbits where to race around the countryside on horses while chasing a fox, it would seem so much more acceptable :)