Excellent. I saw it the first time at the Filmhouse with . . . Lara? Myf? Could have been either. There was an empty seat next to us which got taken by a Little Old Lady looking forward to a light comedy at a cheap Wednesday-afternoon ticket rate. She got up and left during the (unnecessarily prolonged and graphic) discussion about Dante's girlfriend's sexual history.
Probably very wise.

Mallrats next, then? I don't have a copy of that to lend you. I'm afraid.
Which guy? Bob Peck's in loads of British TV, and in Jurassic Park. Joe Don Baker's in various US films, including Mars Attacks!
Dead now. Tragic. A major loss. He had immense talent and presence.
He looked like a clasically trained actor who would be good on the stage. Don't know if I'm wildly off the mark.
I was actually right!

Read the rest - he was too young to go.

BTW, was that the pretty Tom you used to keep in your spare room?
That's the one. We overlapped in Cambridge and he's now in London. I didn't keep him, though - he was more Lara's pet than mine.