I guess there must be a story behind this. I'm not entirely sure I want to hear it.

Smiles so far today=34.
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The look on the driver's face as it tipped must have been priceless.
OK, the first few acronyms I can parse; DG confuses me, OHTblah leaves me lost... and, 'would like to meet Getting Started Guide for Gran Turismo and Obscene Bookeeping'?
DG - dodgy Goth
NSOH - Nightly sexual Olympics, honest!
OHT(M)H&C - open heart torture (mine)hopeful and caring
WLTM - willing to learn massage
GSG - gives satisifaction, guaranteed
4GT&OB - four giant trilobites and overweight badgers
Re: TLA's
I told you not to mention the badgers. I don't mind people knowing about the trilobites, but the badgers were supposed to be secret.
Re: TLA's
I thought in our agreement I was to have monthly access to the badgers? Since, it's been over a year now and I've been badgerless I thought it time to air our unwashed laundry in public.

You'll be hearing from my solicitors. I have rights too you know.
Re: TLA's
You'd better be careful or you won't get to play with the trilobotes either.
Re: TLA's

I'm sure we can negotiate some sort of . . . arrangement.
Now that's something you don't see every day.

It's an Israeli Merkava. Maybe God had something to do with it.
An expensive mistake on someone's part. Those barrels must be stronger than they look, though.
I know a chap, a former squaddie, who once regaled me with the story of the time he rolled a tank. Rather alarmingly, he told me this while giving me a lift in his car.
Hello - was pointlessly surfing as woke up too early today and can't face chores before going to work, had strange and sudden urge to discover who else had swearing like a trooper down as an interest. Found you and funny picture of tank - the latter has made it all worthwhile. ;)
Glad to hear it. I got the swearing interest from zbyszek, obviously, although as I remember I swore a little even before we'd met.
Aha, I found zybszek too - didn't clock your connection. Maybe it's contagious. Swearing that is, not having a LJ name starting with Z, although maybe that too.