Neon went quite well, although I ended up swapping my nice early midnight slot for the 2-3, because some new goth called (IIRC) Vicky had friends who would be gone if she was on that late. I, of course, have no friends (who seemed likely to be leaving that early, anyway) so it didn't matter. I spent most of the night talking to nik_strychnine about military vehicles. Or maybe that was just the most memorable bit.

Keith came round earlier, unexpectedly, and we had a long chat until I flaked out and decided I needed a nap if Neon wasn't going to kill me. kisin and batswing most generously shared their dinner with us, which was extremely welcome - thanks.

Had gone out to the Ault Toll with Sandy, Bobby, Ian, Emma and Peter Saturday night. Friday I went to see Mo, with biscuits and vidos.