Suitable Valentine's day activity:

The university's Institute of Evolutionary Biology have cunningly scheduled a seminar (ooer - sounds a bit rude) on "Sexual reproduction and the evolution of reproductive strategies" for Monday. Sounds like a laugh. I should probably try to go along.
WE have one on the law of division of property after divorce!!!!!
I may go to that too - more fitting to my romantic nature..
Loranthaceae (Mistletoes) for one have some very unusual and bizarre mechanisms. I wonder if they will get a mention being plants and all that :) Ah, happy days researching at Kew Gardens
I don't see why they wouldn't get a mention. We have a lot of botanists here. Indeed, a new prof has just arrived who'll be mainly collaborating with the city's own botanic gardens.
When it comes to sex I think tactics is more interesting than strategy. Perhaps I obsess on the minutiae here.