Whitby again.

Gene Loves Jezebel - not a fan.
Voltaire - would like to see
Psychophile - would watch if I was there
Screaming Banshee Aircrew - would like to see.

In The Nursery - would consider going along just to see
tbc (Should be confirmed by next week) - (insert flippant commment about having tbc's second album and finding it disappointing)
Devilish Presley - would watch if I was there, although i was slightly disappointed before.
Greenhaus - would travel to avoid.

Decisions, decisions.
Ah, Jay's version then.

I've seen both versions and the original version down the years.
Michael's the better singer in terms of voice quality but Jay's the more emotive singer. (Actually, I've got drunk with both of them on separate occasions as well but that's another story.)

Well, it's all academic anyway.
Jay's version, to judge by the website. Assuming I've got the right website and they haven't booked a bunch who aren't allowed to perform in the UK... :)