Whitby again.

Gene Loves Jezebel - not a fan.
Voltaire - would like to see
Psychophile - would watch if I was there
Screaming Banshee Aircrew - would like to see.

In The Nursery - would consider going along just to see
tbc (Should be confirmed by next week) - (insert flippant commment about having tbc's second album and finding it disappointing)
Devilish Presley - would watch if I was there, although i was slightly disappointed before.
Greenhaus - would travel to avoid.

Decisions, decisions.
Oh dear -- SBA are the only band I actually like. Greenhaus and ITN I've seen too many times and don't really like. Devilish Presley I've seen and would suffer pain to avoid repeating the unfortunate experience. Psychophile I've seen and am indifferent to but would probably avoid. GLJ and Voltaire I've never seen nor particularly wanted to. Not a line up for me.
You've seen ITN too many times? Like several or so, even?


They just don't play enough for it to occur to me that people would have seen them often. I saw them in about '98 or '99 and again about eighteen months ago. Apart from that, there was one support slot in between that I should have tried to catch, but that's still only a possible three in six or seven years.
Voltaire is ace!

He is quite funny-his Star Trek song is hilarious!

I want to see him (again) more than the rest of the line-up.