Now, in rippled arcs across the sky, the great white birds of winter fly;

Reminded by steer that I'm overdue, I went to give blood after work. I think this was my thirtieth, leaving out one or two that got lost between bureaucracies. Very quick today.

On the way back through the twilight the thinnest sliver of the new moon was hanging above Bruntsfield, with a contrail splitting the sky from horizon to horizon.

More equipment failure at work today, but this is Nikon's problem, not mine.
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NMA - No Pain (just in case you start awarding *points* a la Hester)
Ooh, I didn't know they could be redeemed for scones! I'd have been happy with just a *point*. ;-)
'Fraid not. Zotzpoints don't exist, for a start, and in any case as they wouldn't be pegged against the scone - or any other comestible - as the sushipoint is[1], there would be an immediate exchange-rate crisis.

[1] Or isn't, as appropriate.
Could you offer to redeem them against some precious metal? I know it's a bit old-fashioned but it would keep the currency stable.
I could if I had any. What I do have is lots of random bits of worthless junk. I doubt people would be as enthused.
You could offer flour, sugar, butter, milk and other stuff as "self assembly scones".
That's an idea, actually. Would I also have to include little gas canisters or elecricity credit, though?
They do give you an Allen key, though. I have many, now. I don't think they're the right size for anything else, though.
I've got quite a few of them -- they're the right size for my cross trainer actually.
If I made scones, no one would even attempt to guess. In fact, I think they'd be deliberately wrong.
*grin* You're well ahead of me, I'm not even on ten yet.

I was beginning to think that all my friends, were preverts, deviants, sickies and wimps because everybody wrote in to say why they couldn't give blood.
Just thee an'me, I think. Most of the time I've been in Edinburgh I've lived and worked/studied fairly near the blood transfusion centre, so I can drop in any week at fairly convenient times.

Mind you, I've a friend who's into plasmapheresis. I hate to think how many times he's given - maybe even he doesn't know. He used to do it on work time, too, which I think is excellent.
Actually, I can give blood on work time too -- but only because nobody checks where I am.
I can give on work time, the Blood Donation Service come into my office. However they don't want my stinky once-had-unidentified-tropical-disease blood.
I don't think they take blood from people with ME/CFS, because nobody agrees what causes it, but more to the point, it would probably take me days to recover from losing a pint of blood.

And they don't want mine because of the anticonvulsants...and the (hopefully ex-)cancer.

You're not alone there. It means that I don't have to feel bad about being ineligible because of unsavoury sexual practises, because I'm already ineligible.
I can give blood too. I just keep forgetting about it.

Thanks for the reminder. I shall try to get along there tonight ot tomorrow. I am not sure what timne they shut on fridays.
The opening hours are here. They shut at four today, but are open from ten until one tomorrow.