Oh dear. I was assuming there'd be no real reason to go.


Posted by simon_a on uk_goth_music, apparently brought to his attention by the estimable darkstones). I actually would rather like to see them doing the film music too, but them's the breaks.

ITN Broadcast February 2005

The films of Mitchell & Kenyon
(with special musical accompaniment by IN THE NURSERY)

London Premiere at the National Film Theatre
Thursday 17 February 6.30pm

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Pictureville
Sunday 20 February 8.00pm

A specially selected compilation of highlights from the Mitchell &
Kenyon collection.
The most exciting film discovery of recent years, not only brings a
lost world vividly back to life,
but actually rewrites British film history.
Commissioned between 1900-1913, the films of Sagar Mitchell & James
Kenyon provide an
unparalleled visual record of Edwardian Britain, showing ordinary
people going about their daily lives.

"The ghosts of the Edwardian era made flesh... prepare to be
astonished" Sight & Sound Magazine

The British Film Institute release the DVD 'Electric Edwardians: The
Films of Mitchell & Kenyon' in April 2005

IN THE NURSERY live shows

ITN headline at Whitby Gothic Festival on Saturday 23rd April 2005

They will also be performing at the Elfentanz Festival in Athens,
Greece on Saturday 7th May 2005


ITN Digital Downloads - browse and buy the entire IN THE NURSERY
catalogue via the mailorder site
ITN Corporation
PO Box 1795
Sheffield S3 7FF
Fax: +44 114 272 8726
In The Nursery have said on a mailing list that they're playing Whitby. See various goffy LJ communites for further details.
Ah, yes, have seen now.

I originally interpreted "ITN" in your post as "Independant Television News". Hence my confusion.

I hope this means they will get on and announce everything else, now. :-)
Well, yes. I hope you can forgive me for not holding my breath, though.
Re: ;o)

"Can't ITN headline both nights? asks ageing Edinburgh punk.


"And play the other sets too instead of this crowd of shitehawks" he continues.


"And stop hitting me while you're at it."
Re: ;o)

I love that.

It would be much more decadent to see them at that festival in Athens anyway.
yeah :-/
I'm trying to console myself with the thought that the sound quality at Whitby isn't that great.
I don't think I'm doing a very good job of it though ;-P
Fucking-A. That might even convince me to buy a Spa ticket (at £36 a pop this year, I was considering going but giving the Spa a miss.).
ooh, thanks for posting the other information- the film thing sounds like something I might look into going to!