That fucking rocks. I love them loads. In fact they played York in my first week of term (and being disorganised I didn't get a ticket before it sold out). Destroy the Heart and Christine are two of the best songs from that genre IMHO. I loved them so much -- god, and they did that bastard trick of releasing all their 12" in two different coloured sleeves with different B sides. I've got loads of them somewhere.
Liz Kershaw played the new single on 6Music at the weekend. I was bouncing around the kitchen with joy.
You didn't tell me! Nobody told me !

Pah. Call yourself friends . . . . ?
A friend of mine (who wasn't a groupie!) used to sleep with drummer Pete Evans whenever they played in the midwest (USA). She met him in a shop and didn't even know about the band, but ended up loving the band lots. I never got to see them-I should have gone with her to a gig and didn't. Maybe this year, then.
Cool. Maybe indeed. I only saw them once - Reading Festival '89. Perhaps a field wasn't the best place to see them, but I'll never forget turning rounf in the middle of Destroy the Heart and seeing 30 000 people bouncing up and down in unison. Fantastic.

I saw them support Peter Murphy in Toronto in - um - the summer of 1990, I think.

That was a bill it's difficult to top.