Mo' Misc.

The famous and excellent 7:84 Theatre Companyare apparently performing at the moment their production of Brookmyre's Boiling A Frog. Unfortunately the Guardian review isn't what you'd call glowing, although they don't pan it either. There's an article in the Big Issue (up-here version, at least) too, which I may scan and OCR at some point if I can be bothered.

Monbiot's on good form today pointing out that losing money in Iraq seems to be a bipartisan project - "The US occupation regime helped itself to $8.8 bn of mostly Iraqi money in just 14 months". The UN are said to have lost more, but didn't match the rate. We can probably split the medals, then.

Today at work, we also got given an Epson 2100. This is an A3 inkjet with 7-colour allegedly-near-photoquality-if-you-squint printer with various bells and whistles. I'm quite impressed with it so far, particularly as we got literally given it, complete with a reasonably-box of paper and ink cartridges - of which it takes seven at a time. The normal CMY come in two shades each, and there are three kinds of black : photo black, matte black and light black?

Light black? Since when was Epson run by goths?

The compressor (anyone got a Kompressor sticker I can put on it?) works too, although attaching it to the air lines is currently problematic. In theory, we're planning on running hoses through walls and hanging 4 air tables off it. More news as it breaks (hopefully not literally).

My back was hurting towards the end of the afternoon. I had a lie down when I got back and it seems fine now. It's been perfectly OK for the last fourteen or fifteen years, and I was rather hoping it would stay that way, so I think I'll have to be gentle with it. My dad reminded me at the weekend of his surfing injury - a crush fracture of a couple of lumbar vertebrae. Sobering given that I know people who indulge.

Statistically speaking therefore, based on the number and religious affiliation of existing popes, the Pope is unlikely to be a Catholic . . . Next up, bears and their toilet habits.
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Does 'light black' come with pink undertones for the babyGoths?
Is it your lower back that's giving you grief, man? If so I have advice literally flooding out of me.
Yes. The lie down seems to have done the trick, though. No traces of ache today. So far.
Good news. If it is very painful, put a cold pack on the affected area and hold it on for as long as possible (at least 30 mins), this will reduce inflamation, but DON'T STRAIN YOURSELF, during or right after or you will pull the freezing muscles and it will really, really cane. If you have a persistant back problem, don't go anywhere near a hot bath when it's playing up, though this might make aching muscles feel better, it will increase inflamation and brusing and exacerbate the problem tremendously!
Cheers. Hopefully I won't need any of that soon - today's feeling good - but I'll bear it all in mind.